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Good bye 2008 – welcome 2009!

Sassis Resor 7-Härad and Marknadsplats 7-Härad thanks all
our wonderful guests making our work so amusing throughout
the season 2008.

Even a big “THANKS” to all our cabin owners, conference sites,
fishing guides, advertisers, sponsors, cooperation partners,
family members and all our friends.

This happened 2008 (a selection)
  • The year began with the production of a commercial “Gone fishing”,
    showing fishing and some other nature tourism possibilities in Sjuhärad.
    The film will soon be available on our homepage.
  • In February all our entrepreneurs met for a couple of days
    writing their business development strategies.
  • Mars started up with an invitation for Sassis Resor to participate at the
    rural Parliament in Lycksele (North Sweden) representing Marknadsplats
    7-Härad, talking about our work with eco-tourism.
  • The highlight of the year already occurred in April when Sassis Resor got
    an invitation from the Region of Västra Götaland to present our eco-tourism
    work at several meetings and workshops in Mexico, Queretaro. We gave a
    talk about the Swedish certifying system for eco-tourism “Natures´ Best”
    and how to organise and start up sustainable entrepreneur networks
    working with nature tourism.
  • The seasonal kick-off as usual in the beginning of May, this year carried out
    by a “crazy gang” from Germany. 3 test fishermen from the Askari team visited
    us for some days, “looking” at about 90 pikes, 25 degrees in the air, 17 degrees
    in the water, blue sky, sunny and a light south-westerly breeze – just prefect!
  • The first float-tube activities were carried out and approved by our guests.
  • As usual Marknadsplats 7-Härad participated in several smaller fairs in
    Sweden, got about 10 newspaper articles published as well as 2 fishing reports
    in Slovenia and Serbia.
  • Representatives from Marknadsplats 7-Härad hold a lecture at the University
    of Borås about team-building and leadership.
  • The year finished with a success by selling Christmas present cards for
    nature tourism experiences.
  • Dan and Kattarina Bertilsson, “Bastuvikens Nature tourism in Sjuhärad”
    became new members of the company Marknadsplats 7-Härad.
  • Our homepage is now available in English, www.sjuharad.info.
  • To sum up, we leave the year 2008 satisfied behind us and the expectations
    for a really exciting and great year 2009 are huge!
This will happen in 2009 (a selection)

  • The success with the present cards will be followed up and we will introduce
    these for nearly all nature activities as well as for special an exciting
    experiences in Sjuhärad.
  • Several entrepreneurs “stand in line” to become a member of
    Marknadsplats 7-Härad.
  • 2009 we will put focus on company activities. New special products brought into
    line with the needs of this target group will be developed, tested and launched.
  • The “Askari gang” will return to Sjuhärad in the beginning of May! Hide your pikes!
  • Continuous work with building networks so we can offer all possible nature tourism
    and nature experiences in Sjuhärad.
  • The planning and seeking for sponsors for an international sport fishing event
    in Sjuhärad will start up seriously.
  • Sassis Resor will continue and intensify the work with the development of
    eco-tourism in Mexico and the objective is to send the first testing group over
    to Mexico in the end of the year.
  • ...and a lot of more...

See you soon in Sjuhärad!
Sassi Wemmer
Sassis Resor 7-Härad

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