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Sustainable fishing
The lakes in Sjuhärad contain many fish and are a highly valued natural asset. Visitors are welcome. But it is also important that every-
one learns how to fish and enjoy the outdoors without destroying this valuable resource. One of the most important starting points
for Marketplace 7-Härad and Sassis Resor 7-Härad is that angling tourism, in all its forms, should be developed on nature’s terms. Eco-tourism gives local businesses a lift and at the same time ensures that the area’s natural assets are protected.
The Right of Common Access
The right of common access (allemansrätten) has a long history in Sweden. This right makes it possible for every-
one to enjoy what nature has to offer, but with this freedom comes responsibilities. Plants and wildlife should not be harmed, and consideration should be shown to landowners and other countryside users. The responsibilities that go along with the right to common access can be summed up in the phrase
don’t disturb, don’t destroy

Nature´s Best
Nature’s Best is a pioneering quality mark for responsible outdoor tourism in Sweden. It is the first national quality standard for eco-tourism in the northern hemisphere and was launched during the UN International Year of Eco-tourism in 2002.

Although Marketplace 7-härad and Sassis Resor 7-Härad is not yet certified by “Nature’s Best” we are already working according to its framework and aim to be certified in the near future.
Invasive Alien Species
An increase in tourism in the Sjuhärad region ought to take place in harmony with the interests of nature conservation. There is a risk that increased angling activities may have negative ecological consequen-
ces, and it is important to have sufficient knowledge in this matter, to prevent or minimise the possible negative effects of angling tourism. Here we focus on an important nature conservation problem in fresh water – the spread of foreign or undesirable species.
Criteria for a sustainable fishing tourism in Sjuhärad
In order to insure that tourism is developed in harmony with the laws of nature, criteria are required for among other things sustainable fishing tourism. Within Marknadsplats 7-Härad and Sassis Resor 7-Härad work of this character is continually carried out.
In a study carried out at the University of Gothenburg, Department of Plant and Environ-
mental Sciences, criteria adjusted to local conditions have been developed.
Sustainable sport fishing in the Sjuhärad region
The purpose of this work has been to investigate and compare different forms for the administration of fish stocks affected by fishing tourism, and on the basis of this draw up a fishing policy proposal for Sassis Resor 7-Härad and Marknadsplats 7-Härad. A particular emphasis is placed on the advantages and disadvantages of the administrative form called catch & release.
The work was carried out in collaboration with students on the Water Management Course at the Department of Zoology, University of Gothenburg.
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